E10: Jake Larsen, Youtuber

03/28/2017  |  49 minutes

This week’s guest: Jake Larsen – Video Marketer, Entrepreneur, and Adwords Extraordinaire. Jake started his own business after receiving a Google Invite to YouTube HQ to research a new marketing trend. Now he creates those YouTube Ads that play before all those cat videos your aunt watches and it’s freakishly surprising how much research goes into targeting those ads, specifically for….you.

We talk about “The Baby Effect,” bugers, pursuing the creative itch, the creepy specifics behind google adwords, and balancing business growth with gratitude.

Check out a few of the online gems we reference in this episode, and we’ve included links to connect with Jake and his business. Enjoy.

Matthew McConaughey | Best Actor | 86th Academy Awards 2013
Ryan’s Toys Review | YouTube Channel Kid Sensation 
Jake’s Family YouTube Channel | Larsen Family Soul
Jake’s Business | Video Power Marketing