E11: Stoppage Time, Personal Tick Offs

04/04/2017  |  45 minutes

This week’s guest: Us – Listeners have requested we take another step back and produce our second, “Stoppage Time” Episode where we deviate from the standard template and discuss what we normally don’t cover on guest episodes. Today, it’s personal – Adam, Lib, and Ben get real, get pissed, and [try to] get over what really ticks us off.

Tick Offs that aired:
Adam | Filler Words
Adam | Using the Phrase, ‘Cash Me Outside’ (Dr. Phil Clip, quote at 3:22)
Lib | Fanatics
Lib | Peer Pressure
Ben | Inconsiderate People (Talking in Movies)
Lib | Interrupting the Anthem Ending
Lib | Art
Adam | Stick Figure Families (Picture at right taken by Ben's coworker, case in point)
Ben | Not Getting Invited to Stuff

Tick Offs that stayed inside the cup:
Ben | Not being a man of your word
Adam | Police that sit around and wait to pull you over
Lib | Diving Soccer Players
Ben | Requests that don’t value your time
Ben | Getting trolled on my online sales items