E12: Landon Faulkner, Tetons & Chacos

04/11/2017  |  50 minutes

This week’s guest: Landon Faulkner – A Brand Manager and Creative for an outdoor product company. Landon lives and breathes a personal identity that syncs up well with his corporate lifestyle. And when he’s not running an ultramarathon or hammocking with his kids, he’s spending time outside and avoiding the Target check-out line.

A Few Links Worth Sharing:

Top 5 Ankle Exercises - Mentioned in episode by Ben
Including The Marble Game, The Short Foot, Negative Calf Raises, Toe Walking, and Heel Walking

Barkley Netflix Documentary - Mentioned in episode by Adam

Bear 100 UltraMarathon - Landon Ran in September 2016

Red Mountain 55K - Landon Ran in March 2017

Invisibilia Podcast: How to Become Batman - Mentioned in episode by Adam

Teton Sports Website

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