E20: Ryan Snarr, Illustrating the Invisible – Part 1

06/13/2017  |  42 minutes

This week's guest: Ryan Snarr – Part 1. He’s an illustrator, a runner, and a goal-setter. Ryan loves discovering the lesser-known features of design, and absolutely hates epic fist bumps. When he’s not running, he’s designing marathon logos. And when he’s not designing, he’s checking out Pet World in Kanab.

Some of Ryan's TICKS:
Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT
Snarrly Illustration Blog – Inspire Dinner Conversations
Invisible Design – 99% Invisible Podcast on Park Benches
Designing the Ogden Marathon Logo
Goal Setting with Illustrative Charts

Some of Ryan's TICK OFFS:
Fist Bumps
Gratuitous use of the word EPIC