E25: Stoppage Time, Mo Money – Mo...

07/18/2017  |  58 minutes

In this Stoppage Time episode, we deviate from the guest template and discuss this week's theme: ticks and tick offs of money and finances.

What was Lib’s dumbest purchase? What happened to Ben during his financial “wake-up” call? And, as we discuss our first jobs, which one of us was “bah-da-dah-da-dah...lovin’ it” while the other one was buh-buh-bratty?

High-Level Overview of Today's Episode:
We're Ticked.
Rapid Fire Round, consisting of: 
     Not getting paid back
     Credit Card Rewards
     Intelligent Group Conversations
Financial Upbringing, Pitfalls, and Take-Aways
     Childhood: The Early Years
     First Jobs: Check Please
     Financial Trials: The College Years and Wake-Up Calls
     Working: The Roaring [late] 20s
     Dumb and Dumber: Financial mistakes
Financial Futures: What are we striving for?