E27: Byron Mackay, Education & Progression

08/01/2017  |  1 Hour 13 minutes

This week's guest: Byron Mackay – An ex-volleyball player and video “gamer” turned to app developer. Byron has focused on his personal education and progression and is self-learning through MBA school. He’s a nice guy, but doesn’t like DINKS and can give you the New York City attitude. Tell all your friends and subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes.

Byron’s Personal Ticks:
Learning & Reading - Cornell Style note-taking. Ben is geeking out.
Metalearning - learning how to learn. #inception
Byron’s personal learning blog, yearly topic tackled - masterofnone.blogspot.com

Personal Tick Offs:
Sneaking into movie theaters - come on, teenagers! Don’t break the rules!
New York City Attitude

Professional Tick:
Moments of Clarity
Bill Russell
Video Games, the achilles heel

Professional Tick Offs:
DINK Situations who don’t have enough time
False Expectations with clients
Clients who tell Byron how to do his job
No trust

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