E29: Peter Ott, Life's Ice Baths

08/15/2017  |  59 minutes

This week's guest: Peter Ott – an international finance attorney and host of the Sports Law Biz Podcast. Peter gets his reset by journaling, eating cereal, and awaiting that homecoming commute each day. And when he’s not taking “jabs” at colleagues through jabber, he’s red-lining financial documents and eating late meals in the office. Discover what makes this witty, OCPD, lover of sports and law analyst tick.

Items we brought up in the show:
Peter's Cat's Instagram Account: @belle_seb
What's your favorite cereal?
Peter's Burger Blog: youotttoknow.blogspot.com
OCPD Diagnosis – thank you, WebMD
Eating Fish or Steak – What's your preference?
Benefits of practicing Law in Washington
Sports Law Biz Podcast

Listen to the "Extra Time" story with Peter - player embedded below.