E36: Trent Tueller, Entrepreneurial Hustle

10/03/2017  |  45 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Trent Tueller – an entrepreneur who’s connecting American innovators with Chinese manufacturers. Trent wanted to learn Chinese, so he took a job in Asia. He wanted to create a fitness lifestyle, so he wrote a fitness program. And when he wants to get more done in less time, he hustles. Simple, right?

Trent's Personal TICKS

  • Playing Ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, intramural softball, basketball with 65 year old “marksman”
  • Hustle - those who show they respect not only their time, but the time of those relying on them
  • Measuring time and striving to always manage your time better
  • Self Control - inspiring to see someone do something that they just don’t feel like doing and learning to not sacrifice what we want most for what we want now
  • Encouraging and strengthening other people
  • Seeing the underdog win - everyone has excuses for not feeling qualified but only some rise above and use that as fuel to succeed

Trent's Personal TICK OFFS

  • Bandwagon Fans - Trent is passionate about his Utah Jazz and those #blessed Jimmer Fredette years - and all too often players leave loyalty behind for a paycheck and fans are quick to follow
  • Friends expecting special deals and discounts from friends - Trent believes in paying a fair price. For everything. Both parties have to be sincere when agreeing upon that fair price, otherwise the whole thing falls apart

Trent's Professional Ticks

  • Trent organizes running events for Color Me Rad in Japan, acts as a middle man for US companies looking to establish manufacturing relationships with Chinese suppliers, and co-founded along with his wife, the wellness program, GetFit 21. 
  • Barriers to Entry - now that he’s conquered getting his business in China, he’s lovin the protection from competition
  • Good Communication - so rare and so valuable. Own up to your mistakes, cause if you lie about them, what else are you lying about?
  • Clean-Slate thinking - get new thinkers in the room to collaborate on new ideas
  • Creativity Inc: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the way of True Inspiration, be Ed Catmull on Amazon
  • Watching the evolution of thinking - where someone is able to master something they weren’t able to do before

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