E37: Stoppage Time, Social Media

10/10/2017  |  78 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Ben, Lib...and Mo Bridge! We take a break from the standard guest template, welcome back Mo and discuss our love/hate relationship with social media. From bathroom selfies to helping someone in need - social media is there to infuriate and sometimes remind you that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Just remember one thing, it’s your platform so do what you may!

Social Media TICK OFFS

  • Public and Vulnerable Rants - try to find your support group somewhere else?
  • Glorified lives
  • Ads - we don't care for shampoo but don't show Mo camping gear because she WILL purchase it
  • Contests - Learn from Lib and DO NOT tag Ben in any contests
  • Politics, Money and Religion
  • Bathroom selfies...nice toilet
  • Groups

Social Media Ticks

  • Keeping in touch with family - Thanks Aunt Mary for that post!
  • Support and Crowd Funding
  • Groups - there are some good groups to join
  • Learning and Inspiration
  • Humor - we gotta love those memes  

Social media is a double edge sword. Take Mo's advice - find the good and make it your own!