11/7/2017  |  58 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Spencer Lee – an Immigration Attorney with a few tricks up his sleeve and comedic stories to share. He’s been friends with Ben for 12 years and friends with Lib for 12 minutes – they bonded over his Hermosillo Naranjeros Baseball hat (Not Houston, Ben). As an Immigration lawyer specializing in Removal Defense and Affirmative Applications, Spencer has helped clients from over 65 countries.

Beyond that, he’s appeared on the nation-wide Spanish news network, Univision, many times…even when he has to conduct interviews from the parking lot of his dentist’s office. If you’ve got an immigration problem, you better call SAL, Smith-Alston-Lee, that is. 

Spencer’s Personal TICKS

  • Joy in helping others because it mattered to that one person today. There’s a teaching moment here where Spencer exemplified this right in front of Ben on their way to the Maverik.
  • Helping others laugh and feel better about themselves.

Spencer’s Personal TICK OFFS

  • He’s a grumpy old man. Especially after law school where he’d been thoroughly intellectually tested for three years. It’s hard to not become slightly pessimistic.
  • People in the service industry showing incompetence.

Spencer’s Professional TICKS

  • Helping Immigrants achieve their dreams.
  • America is a nation of immigrants. #hamilton.
  • The economy has flourished on immigrant labor. Why would we stop that?

Spencer’s Professional TICK OFFS

  • Uninformed citizens attacking Spencer’s work for defending undocumented immigrants just cause it’s the buzz right now.
  • Just the simple act of sitting down and talking with someone who is different than you will change your perception, yet its something we seem to be afraid of.
  • Heineken Commercial

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