E46: Stoppage Time, Season 1 Finale

12/12/2017  |  63 Minutes

The Season 1 Finale of the Ticked Podcast is here! After one year of awesome interviews, Ben and Lib record one last Stoppage Time episode. There is a big announcement - could this be the last Ticked episode? They cover ticks and tick offs of podcasts, play a trivia game created by a special guest and look into the future of the podcast. Don't forget...tell all your friends!

Podcast Tick Offs

  • Music - it can be crappy
  • Ad - mostly ads that sneak up during an episode
  • Analytics...or lack there of. Get it together Apple! 

Podcast Ticks

  • Something so satisfy that creative "itch" by podcast
  • The people we have met: Listeners, people interested on the street and most importantly our awesome guests!
  • The little community of 12 we have created!!

Special Guest - Dalton Brough and the first Annual Ticked Trivia. THE BIG SHOWDOWN. BEN VS LIB. See who wins!


A look ahead to 2018

  • We want to keep the momentum going
  • Growth. That means more listeners, reviews, and hopefully a Sponsor. If you know someone that would want to sponsor the show reach out to us!
  • We are looking for a studio or a space to record our show.