E48: Lib's Birthday Roast

01/16/2018  |  52 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Ciera Montoya and Kenny D – and we’re talking all about Lib! His birthday is coming up this week, so why wouldn’t we invite two people very close to him to talk about what Lib does that makes us tick, and highlight those habits he has that really tick us off? From researching vicious animals, to his outstanding verbal communication, we delve into Lib’s personality traits that make us tick!

January 19, 1986. Lib “No Middle Name” Montoya entered the world at the local Tuscon Arizona Hospital.

One thing Ciera, Kenny, and Ben all love most about Lib is his ability to communicate verbally with you. Lib speaks his mind. He tells you you’re doing a great job or where you stand in his book. There’s no puzzles with him. Except for his OCD and the fact that Ciera has wondered if he could be a serial killer. #TheyMetOnTheInternet

The things Lib does that Tick us off:

  • OCD about cleaning – Ciera shares a story when Lib told her he couldn’t want out while they were dating cause he was doing laundry.
  • Lib’s competitive nature – Lib doesn’t play fair (according to Kenny) and nearly gets in fights with refs and other soccer players.
  • He’s opinionated and stubborn - we call it high horse. Lib hates halloween, currently. And he’s got his fair share of opinions as to why he hates it, right now…but he loved it three years ago.
  • Being such a proponent of communication can be a double-edged sword – sometimes people don’t want to hear counter opinions.
  • Lib loves researching vicious animals. Does he, or does he not, have a Pinterest board titled, “Vicious Animals?”
  • Kenny’s biggest fight with Lib revolved around race. Touchy subject. And Ciera now gets Facebook messages all in Spanish!

The things Lib does that make us Tick:

  • Lib is such a good brother. He cares for and protects his siblings
  • Lib is a protector of his friends. He empathizes with us and offers awesome advice, especially when it comes to dating.
  • Hi gives in easily to peer pressure. Although he can be stubborn, his willing to give in for friends.
  • Lib knows EVERYBODY, and everybody loves Lib.
  • Best wingman ever
  • He’s such a passionate person, about everything in his life! Ticked, design conferences, supporting his friends, supporting Ciera. He’s all in.