E50: Stephen Nielsen, Build Like A Farmer

01/30/2018  |  55 MINUTES

Stephen Nielsen – An app developer that helps businesses simplify and save money by eliminating “ghost punching”. Using a farmer’s approach to build things, he’s been able to help his wife run a better business. Make sure you hear his full list of personal tick-offs on this episode, just don’t listen to it at 1.5x speed…

Personal Ticks:

  • Audiobooks/Podcasts at 1.5x speed
  • A farmers approach to building things
  • Clever swears
  • Subtle signals - Star Trek In Darkness and 9/11 connection

Personal Tick-Off: 

  • Poorly designed bathrooms
  • Saying “just kidding” after saying something wrong
  • Lazy swears aka Utah swears
  • Spelling a name wrong - Welcome to Lib’s life
  • Telling people your real email address
  • Telling people your forwarding email address
  • Facebook - NOT social media

Professional Tick-Offs: 

  • People who wants bargains
  • Repetitive work - that’s why we have computers!

Professional Ticks: 

  • Constructive feedback - Three Star reviews! (But we love 5 star reviews)
  • Serving in all professional settings

Connect with Stephen:
Twitter  - @IAmSt3ph3n 
Chrome Extension - Easy Lips PV Calculator
Facebook - Easy Lips PV Calculator