E51: Andrew Muse, Creative Content and Karma

02/06/2018  |  46 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Andrew Muse – A travel and adventure content creator. He has created a life full of adventures, along with his dog, Kicker, to create marketing content. He tries to make sure that he is a positive force in the world. Though he lives a life that many may envy, he makes sure to try and work harder than anyone else out there.

Personal Ticks:

  • Being a positive influence in the world. Always believing in karma.
  • You put into life is what you get out. 
  • Practicing gratitude (even if you are stuck in Alaska and can’t call 911). Just cook up some pancakes!
  • Helping the environment and land conservation. 

Personal Tick-Offs: 

  • People not being able to stick to their word. 
  • Almost leaving Park City because people partying the night before an adventure.

Professional Tick-Offs: 

  • Investing time and money in work contracts and those falling through.
  • Sending hundreds of email to companies and maybe getting one reply.

Professional Ticks: 

  • Progression. Whether as an athlete, film maker, artist or businessman the reward of getting better at something keeps you going and happy.
  • Sending hundreds of email to companies and but getting one “bread crumb” to keep me going.

Connect with Andrew:
Website  - Andrew Muse Productions
Instagram - @andrew__muse 
YouTube - Andrew Muse
Tiny Home Adventure


“I’m a huge believer in karma so I try to put in good/positive things in the world and that typically what I get out”

“I’ve been called the quintessential millennial and I find it offensive”

 “If it were obvious and easy to get paid to travel…everyone would do it”

“I get to do all these really cool thing and I’m so grateful…that 2 minute edit you just saw took me 15 hours behind the computer, not to mention the time it took me to learn to edit take really good photos”