E54: Ben's Birthday Roast

02/27/2018  |  47 Minutes

This week’s guest: Caleb Hendricks and Josh Wright – and we’re not gonna lie, we just wanna talk about Ben!  It’s his birthday, like….today (the day this episode is being released!) so it only made sense to have two of Ben’s closest friends talk about his “angelic” nature but also those pesky tick offs. Just remember, if you say something bad about him, he might jot down some notes for his rebuttal.

February 27th is a special day. It’s the day a chosen few join Ben for his Annual Birthday Dinner at America’s Most Beloved Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings.

One thing Caleb, Josh and Lib love, or love to hate, or hate to love is Ben’s perfectionism. But that is one of the attributes that makes him such a Ticked person. Ben is one of the most caring people you will ever meet and you better consider yourself lucky if you get invited to Buffalo Wild Wings on the 27th, every February.

The things Ben does that tick us off:

  • Gives terrible feedback. He’s either really delicate or WAY too straight to the point. Example to Josh - “Dude, you gotta stop doing that!...So, where do you want to go for lunch?”
  • Too quick to say no - Ben, you gotta make memories with Caleb!
  • Ben iz duh ultamyte grammur Nazi - (how does that make you feel?)
  • Disclaimer - Caleb isn’t needy, but he doesn’t like it when Ben dips out of social roomate time to catch up on his shows.
  • Ben and Mo Bridge are best friends and like to gang up on Caleb. This is mostly just a Caleb tick off.
  • Over-analyzing – especially when it comes to dating.
  • Ben is a perfectionist. This is an ultimate tick off.

The things Ben does that make us tick:

  • Ben is a perfectionist. This is a huge tick.
  • Driven and dedicated - this is one of the biggest reasons why the Ticked Podcast exists!
  • Ben loves Harley Dog! (Caleb’s dog)
  • You won’t meet a more genuine person out there! He is such a good friend and is always there for his friends. Even if that means driving 45 minutes and showing up at your work to fix your mistake (ahem, Josh!)
  • Great listener and meaningful conversations
  • Positive, laid back and a social butterfly. You will almost never see him mad.
  • This is not a bad thing at all but he is the best third-wheel! He is such a good friend that he wants to be close to the people you might be close to.

Connect with Ben:
Instagram: @bcrosh
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Facebook: Ben Croshaw