E56: James Kofford, Piloting & Pee Stalls

03/20/2018  |  54 MINUTES

This week’s guest: James Kofford - a professional pilot based out of New York who is passionate about doing anything that involves flying…and that’s not always on an airplane. Having a “dream” job has its perks of seeing the world, but what you don’t realize is how hard it is for a pilot to have some personal space in an airport. Ticked attendants, please grab your headphones and prepare for take-off.

Personal Ticks:

  • Adrenaline, straight up adrenaline.
  • Girls
  • Because girls are a tick, a sub-tick is anything to stand out from the “competition”

Personal Tick-Offs:

  • Dating apps! (Plug your ears if you met your loved one on Tinder, ahem, Lib)
  • Outdated profile pictures on your dating app. What is the cut-off? A 2 year old photo?
  • Group pictures - which one is my future wife?!
  • A pitch to follow you on social media. You might be cute but I know you just want followers.

Professional Tick-Offs:

  • Selfish people when it comes travel. I’m talking to you, Boarding Group B!
  • WARNING - Bathroom talk is next
  • Airport bathrooms. Why have we not fixed the stalls so that the doors swing outward instead of inward and large enough to fit a person AND their luggage?!? And don’t forget, the 2-inch wide gaps in the stall doors…oh, hi stranger!

Professional Ticks:

  • The desire to find a job where you never work a single day in your life.

Connect with James:
Instagram: @silvertags