E57: Nick Spurlock, The 13th Listener

03/27/2018  |  50 MINUTES

Nick Spurlock - a self proclaimed “intrapreneur” and Director of Operations. Sure, you could say that he doesn’t have a degree and worked at McDonald’s, but being an operations guru has shown that you can succeed even when things are stacked up against you. And by staying balanced in life, he is only getting started.

Nick's Personal Ticks:

  • All about that balance – mentally, physically and professionally.
  • Exploring and documenting. Packing up the F-350 with camping, picnic and photo gear just to get away for a little while.
  • Being in the moment – it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Personal Tick Offs: 

  • Photographers have nice cameras – would you ask a baker what oven they use?!
  • Arrogant people and naysayers – it's about those crabs in the bucket.

Professional Tick Offs: 

  • Crappy operations
  • People that are managers, aka – this guy.

Professional Ticks: 

  • Crappy operations – it obviously needs some fixing!
  • Working at McDonald's and the life-long lessons learned.
  • Leaders, not managers (speaking the professional love languages).
  • Being the underdog, being stacked against the odds.

Connect with Nick:
Instagram: @sickniq
LinkedIn: Nick Spurlock