E61: Jorrien & Tiera Peterson, Made by Fell

04/24/2018  |  62 MINUTES

This week’s guests: Jorrien and Tiera Peterson- Also known as Fell, a design and printing duo with one being the entrepreneur and the other being the artist. They create handcrafted products for the explorer inspired by Scandinavian design and Hygge lifestyle. Both inspirations are simple by nature, but both Jorrien and Tiera’s ticks and tick offs can be a little more complex.

Personal Ticks:

  • Tiera - Good lighting and music. It’s all about that Hygge Lifestyle.
  • Jorrien - Chocolate milk. Not that TruMoo stuff….the good European milk is the best. Also, don’t steal our idea to start a chocolate bar.
  • Jorrien - Tangible design and paper. PRINT IS NOT DEAD.

Personal Tick-Offs:

  • Tiera - Poor design especially tea pots and tea kettles. Why both?!
  • Jorrien - Bad flag design. Be a flag activist, follow the 5 rules and join NAVA. Also, watch this TED Talk from Roman Mars.
  • Both - Garage house syndrome. Your home should be a home, not a garage.

Professional Tick-Offs:

  • Tiera - Glossy paper!
  • Jorrien - When people say that print is dead. There’s a time and place for everything.
  • Both - Little Caesars ad inside coupon books. It’s a trap! They aren’t coupons for your pizza!

Professional Ticks:

  • Tiera - Creative problem solving.
  • Both - Going full time with Fell!

Connect with Fell:
Made By Fell website - www.madebyfell.com
Instagram - @madebyfell

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