E64: Steph Shoell, Achieving the Impossible

05/15/2018  | 67 MINUTES

This week’s guests: Steph Shoell – A marketing coordinator and podcasting host of Notable Peeps and Utah Fan Club. Ben and Lib met Steph on a Rocky Point, Mexico trip where things started off a bit rocky, but by the end were on-point, bonding over podcasting and being ticked individuals. She is driven to accomplish things that seem impossible like marathons, creating a podcast and even water skiing!

Personal Ticks:

  • Utah Sites (Bear Lake, Lake Powell and Millcreek Canyon to name a few)
  • Fire Talks with salmon tin-foil dinners. Being able to share something you’re proud of and let all your friend clap for you!
  • Accomplishing something that seems impossible - check out Notable Peeps
  • Marco Polo / Voxer - Steph is the unofficial spokesman of Voxer

Personal Tick Offs:

  • Small talk on a date in the Cafe Rio line (Cafe Rio is just a love/hate relationship)
  • “Be a buddy not a bully!” - coined by Steph’s roommate, Tara
  • Food Bullies - sometimes people just don’t want to eat certain things. Don’t peer pressure someone!
  • Man Haters but at the same time being friend zoned
  • When a guy picks me up for a date and says, " What do you want to do?"

Professional Tick Offs:

  • Spending hours working on the audio quality and realizing that most people won't even notice that weird noise. (Both Ben and Lib TOTALLY get this)
  • Editing (It's a beast)
  • The question how many listeners do you have. Its not about the numbers, folks!

Professional Ticks:

  • A text you get after your podcast episode airs. It’s one of the reasons why podcasters keep doing this!
  • Instagram Friends and being able to have them as guests
  • I love how audio you get lost in the words and aren't judging a person by what they are wearing or how they look.

Connect with Steph:
Website | Notable Peeps Podcast
Website | Utah Fan Club Podcast
Instagram | @notablepeeps
Instagram | @consistentrunnergirl