06/19/2018 | 60 MINUTES

This week’s guests: Mark and Tyler – Both entrepreneur students at BYU who came across an opportunity to own a CrossFit gym. They study books and biographies of other entrepreneurs like Ray Kroc (McDonald’s) or S. Truett Cathy (Chick-fil-a) to stay creative and progress in life and business. Time is a “tick” and if you tell them that you don’t have time, they might have you take out your phone and check how many hours you spend on social media.

Personal Ticks:

  • Being able to see progression in life. It all started when he was a “chunky little kid”. (Mark)
  • Arizona sports. We will coin Arizona to be the most underrated sports state in the country. (Mark)
  • Books and studying history and individual that have achieved goals. Just check out The Greatest Showman. (Tyler)
  • Consuming media to learn. Again…check out The Greatest Showman! Or reading books. (Tyler and Mark)

Personal Tick-Offs:

  • University of Utah fans…why do they always say “What’s wrong with you?” when they find out that someone attends BYU? (Mark).
  • The Utah Freeway system (Mark). Mostly because Discount Tire was “founded” in Arizona….hint: it wasn’t founded in Arizona but don’t tell Mark ;)
  • Crosswalks. Why do people cross a road at speed of one mile an hour?! (Tyler)
  • When people say “I don’t have time”. (Tyler)

Professional Tick-Offs:

  • Gym members not wanting to leave the gym even after they move. (Mark and Tyler)
  • When people abuse free promotions or say they can’t afford it because they are “poor college students”. (Tyler)
  • Not being able to provide the value that clients might expect. (Tyler)

Professional Ticks:

  • Being a top 10 CrossFit gym in Utah. According to this
  • The community and family you can find in the gym (Mark and Tyler)
  • Members hitting personal progress. (Mark)
  • Being able to bounce ideas with Mark and knowing he is looking out for everyone’s best interest. (Tyler)
  • Having a personal “board of directors” aka finding mentors and people you can have a support system. (Tyler)

Connect with Mark & Tyler:
Instagram: @provocrossfit
Email: mark@provocrossfit.com, tyler@provocrossfit.com
Website: Home of the #2 Rated CrossFit Gym in Utah: provocrossfit.com