07/03/2018  | 47 MINUTES

This week’s guests: Daniel Haslam - a social media specialist who helps companies use data and analytics to be able to help markets move. So, if you think that your tweet about a certain restaurant and tagging your friend won’t be seen by anyone, think again. Daniel helps gather all the metadata behind these posts. He believes in using technology for good and has even been able to turn a Twitter troll into a real-life friend.

Personal Ticks:

  • Leverage technology to make the world a better place (Daniel turned a hater into a real friend through social media. How cool?!)
  • Creating lasting friends through social media

Personal Tick-Offs:

  • Any sort of trolling! (I’m sure we’ve all been a troll at some point)
  • How social media algorithms affect smaller businesses and personal accounts

Professional Tick-Offs:

  • Picking on brands through social media

Professional Ticks:

  • Using data and information to improve processes
  • Tracking IHOP’s “IHOB” campaign. For the record, their burgers are pretty good.
  • Quick response from brands on social media

Connect with Daniel:
Twitter: @danhaslam
Instagram: @dan_has