E74: Quinn Nelson, Snazzy Labs

07/31/2018  | 71 MINUTES

Quinn Nelson - A YouTuber that has been creating videos for 10 years. His entrepreneur spirit has helped him sell three business in his teens while running the “Snazzy Labs” channel that helps people not only how they may fix their tech device, but come away learning how things work.  Quinn is one to share his knowledge with others at no cost and only a friendly reminder to stay snazzy.

Personal Ticks:

  • Spending time with the family. Mostly being bad at golf and hardcore boating trips to Lake Mead. (Hint: if you listened to the episode, Quinn will tell you his families secret boating spot.)
  • Over the top HiFi set ups (aka super expensive audio gear…like 10’s of thousands of dollars)
  •  Serving people and teach them new skills

Personal Tick-Offs:

  • Impatience - mostly on tech. They want the answers but not actually learn!
  • We don’t normal talk about this but “people who camp on the left lane should be banished from earth”.
  • People who say "I can’t".

Professional Tick-Offs:

  • Stress and deadlines.
  • People who make trashy content on Youtube and profit from it.

Professional Ticks:

  • Being helpful and useful to people - so much of what we do is focused on how much money we make or how well-known we are, but that’s meaningless.

Connect with Quinn:
Twitter: @snazzyq
YouTube: Snazzy Labs