E76: Rachel Kirkham, Train Like a Girl

08/14/2018  | 56 MINUTES

This week’s guest, Rachel Kirkham – college soccer player turned business owner and trainer for young girls. Rachel trains like a girl, and inspires young athletes to take risks and progress, mentally and physically. If she can’t figure out how to do something, she gets mad, then figures it out. Simple, right?

Personal Ticks:

  • Learning and Progression – Rachel and her husband have most recently learned about Real Estate, #adulting.
  • Rachel and her husband designate words to the year, theming them. 2018’s theme: Risk
  • Rachel thrives on change, risk. Her husband? Not so much. But the theme is pushing them.
  • It’s through continual learning and progression that Rachel’s been able to identify her primary passion: coaching and training soccer.
  • The more you learn, the more you enjoy life.

Personal Tick Offs:

  • When she can’t figure something out. She gets angry. But the anger lights the fire to learn.  

Professional Tick Offs:

  • The mentality in the US that “soccer is failing.” This doesn’t apply to all athletes who love the game.
  • There’s a lot of inequality between male and female professional soccer players. Rachel’s a strong advocate, and very educated.

Professional Ticks:

  • Repetition brings confidence, risks bring rewards
  • Women are powerful. They rise up and take care of business, especially in soccer.
  • Gain perspective. Learn through the process and make life better for yourself and others around you.

Connect with Rachel:
Website – www.TrainLikeAGirlSoccer.com
Email – Rachel@TrainLikeAGirlSoccer.com
Instagram – @TrainLikeAGirlSoccer
YouTube – Subscribe to Train Like A Girl Soccer