08/21/2018  | 66 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Breea and Cody - traveling filmmakers and content creators helping people capture and remember important, emotional moments. Breea was inspired by her grandfather to pick up a camera and start shooting. Then, Cody came into the picture and helped take the business to the next level. They wake up early, love going to new places together but one of the two lives their life by the motto, “I’m not cheap, I’m thrifty.”

Personal Ticks:

  • Both - inspired by one another (Awwww…)
  • Both - Waking up early and how it helps everything else fall into place. But it’s mostly a competition knowing that you have accomplished tasks before others wake up!
  • Both - Going to new places. It doesn’t have to be another country, sometimes it’s just picking a new route home, seeing different perspectives.
  • Cody - self improvement and reading books.
  • Breea - Cleaning the fridge - make sure you listen to get Breea’s tips on fridge cleaning

Personal Tick-Offs:

  • Cody - “I’m not cheap, I’m thrifty.”
  • Breea - Cody being good at managing finances to a fault. Don’t ruin date night!

Professional Tick-offs:

  • Cody - Seeing someone else achieve a goal that you want. (We eventually all get humbled).
  • Breea - Finding the time to NOT work. You gotta find some balance!

Professional Ticks:

  • Breea - “Act of the Fall” is a favorite project. Check it out here!
  • Breea - Staring videos with “Dear Future Children”

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