09/04/2018  | 82 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Ben, Dalton and Lib – We take a break from our regular guest routine and pinpoint certain tick offs we individually have. Although negative, these tick offs come from a good place. We dissect what normally is a negative and pesky outlook; and try to convince one another to see the glass half full.

Dalton’s Passionate Tick Off: The lack of balance between employers, schools and the employee/student.

  • Dalton has 1 year left in school but is already working in his field with a future in his current position.
  • Education has its perks – it’s something that sets you apart, allows you to gain valuable experiences and a network, and affords great social experiences.
  • Companies are no longer requiring college degrees in some instances
  • Read “Work Rules!” By Laszlo Bock
  • Each party has a responsibility to adjust expectations and facilitate flexibility in a person's life.

Lib’s Passionate Tick Off: The things that make you tick are not the things that make me tick.

  • A CEO needs to understand that they will always have the most passion when it comes to THEIR business. Employees want to put that passion into their own goals.
  • Don’t hold people to the standard of your tick. Be understanding and know that we’re all different.
  • I want to run my own business and show I understand the difference between passion and a job.
  • The most important job of a CEO is people.

Ben’s Passionate Tick Off - Let’s make instagram great again! Family-based social media accounts.

  • You follow friends to keep up with their lives and see what they are doing. Once a baby comes into the picture, you’re not sure if your friend exists because all you see are pictures of the kid!
  • Your social media helps keep up with you even though it’s a “lazy” way to maintain the friendship.
  • Combined couple Facebook accounts aren’t great either.
  • Suggestion from Ben – you can always make a new account for your business, children, etc. Keep your account as YOU.