E81: Adam Turley, Dream It. Write It.

09/18/2018  | 69 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Adam Turley – Singer-songwriter and Music Producer who’s been chasing his dreams since he didn’t impress a high school crush. He’s impressed a lot of people now, and during the episode we get a behind the scenes look, including lyrical meaning and song-writing process, into his most recently released single, “It’s Alright.”

Personal Ticks:

  • Adam describes himself as a strong-willed person with dreams and visions for how he wants his life to run. Now he’s just chasing them by overcoming fear.

  • At the end of the day, Adam strives to be a good person, and share the good about himself and other people with everyone, and that’s easiest for him to do through music.

  • Adam mentions two dear friends that gave him that push, those who helped him realize this was a leap he could handle and needed to do.

  • Comparing this new passion of his to a marathon, he’s just beginning. He started this year sharing his own work on Spotify and Apple Music, releasing new music every month. But he describes hang ups and bumps along the way.

Personal Tick Offs:

  • There’s not enough time in the day. Can we add 20 more hours, please? Trying to balance productivity and structure with freelance work.

  • The rigidity of delivering projects to clients, where you can have a hunch as to the time required to produce, versus creative time which usually does not have an hour estimate.

  • When people shy away from a conflict and don’t want to just admit it and talk about it.

  • Since he was young, he’s been frustrated with his own quirk of needing to be liked by everyone.

Passionate Tick Offs:

  • When he puts a lot of time and effort and energy into something he’s incredibly proud of and it does not get the reception or response he was hoping for.

Passionate Ticks:

  • Being a storyteller with the music he writes.

  • It’s been his dream for a long time to write music that people all over the world would hear and love and social media is making the world a little smaller.

Mentions From the Recording:

  • Adam mentions influential artists of John Mayer, Jack Garratt – check out his song, “Weathered” a personal favorite of Ben’s.

  • Lib mentions a Brand New Song based on a news story.

Ben’s Top 5 Artists:

  • Mat Kearney

  • Ben Rector

  • Need to Breathe

  • One Republic

  • Sara Bareilles

Dalton’s Top 5 Artists:

  • Jimmy Eat World

  • Dashboard Confessional

  • Third Eye Blind

  • Ed Sheeran

  • Drake

Lib’s Top 5 Artists:

  • Brand New

  • Kevin Devine

  • Manchester Orchestra

  • The Early November

  • Maná

Adam’s Top 5 Artists:

  • Jon Bellion

  • Lauv

  • Jeremy Zucker

  • One Republic

  • Post Malone

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