E82: Marc LeFevre, Living Deliberately

09/25/2018  | 61 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Marc LeFevre - A sports and outdoors fanatic who started his career with an aerospace company but quickly realized that he wanted to help people do more. A few resume edits turned him into a career consultant and now COO of Promoted. He spends his time helping others value themselves better just don’t tell him that he stole your idea.

Personal Ticks

  • Sports but football is king

  • Being in the outdoors. Being able to find some alone time but be competitive at the same time.

  • Taco Bell (the food of the Gods)

  • Working with your hands

Personal Tick Offs

  • People who undersell or undervalue themselves. It’s ok to brag about yourself from a professional perspective from time to time.

  • The fake life we live on social media. Instead of being genuine we feel like we have to create an image of what we THINK others want.

Professional Tick Offs

  • People who say, “I’m not doing xyz because I don’t know how.” Youtube and Google are the first places you should check out when trying to learn something new!

  • Critics who have put no work in themselves. These come in many forms but it's often the "idea guy" who is first to criticize.

  • The word “just”. The word "just" KILLS credibility and creates a wall the minute it leaves your mouth. LIVE DELIBERATELY. 

Professional Tick Offs

  • Mentors! No one is born knowing exactly what to do. Find mentors and find a lot of them. Ask questions and learn from people who have been there before.

  • Making things happen. “Nothing happens until something happens…then go make something happen”

  • Win the day. Making your bed can help you win the day.

  • What gets you her WONT get you there. Be ready to change and evolve to reach the next level.

Connect with Marc:

Website - promotedservices.com

Email - marclefevre7@gmail.com