10/30/2018  | 61 MINUTES

This week’s guest: Braydon Ball – photographer for Maverik, Adventure’s First Stop. Braydon loves experiencing life–whether that’s being somewhere in the outdoors, watching a film at broadway theaters or photographing someone in their element. He’s all about being in the right place at the right time, capturing authentic moments out and about on his adventures.

Personal Ticks:

  • Being at the right place at the right time. Whether its a film at the Broadway or being outdoors.

  • Photographing people in their element. Capturing those real authentic moment are bliss.

  • Just rolling with it - things are most likely to go wrong so you just gotta roll with it.

Personal Tick Offs:

  • Social media “influencers”…cringe. Don’t get Lib started!

  • Social media being your life. What would you do if social media was gone tomorrow?

Professional Tick Offs:

  • Decision makers vs consulters and the gap between those two. Which one are you?

Professional Ticks:

  • Keeping Maverik cool. Really elevating the brand and living up to its tag line: Adventure’s First Stop!

Connect with Braydon:
Instagram: @braydonbphotography
Sign up for a photography class: www.braydonteachesphotography.com