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Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

Behind every driven individual, there's a list of motivators and distractors. We've found those motivators to be unique, and distractors to be unifying.

In each episode, we cover what makes you tick, and what ticks you off. Here's 10 of our favorites to get you started.

02: Mo Bridge, Millennial

01/31/2017 | 40 Minutes | Season 1

Mo is a social media marketer and weekend warrior. As any other millennial in the workplace, Mo spends her “9 to 5” connecting her clients with the social media masses. But interestingly enough, the very thing that creates her paychecks more often than not ticks her off.


15: Stoppage Time, Relationshi...

05/09/2017 | 50 Minutes | Season 1

Lib is 2 weeks away from “Happily Ever After” and Ben is begging under the overpass. We get behind the mic to take a retrospective look at those relationship experiences that have led us down our own paths. Our tick and tick offs are actual quotes from actual past girlfriends, and Lib shares his Tinder best practices.


31: Jeff Griffin, Dreams & Desires

08/29/2017 | 58 Minutes | Season 1

Jeff Griffin is a A 4-time WMNBA All-Star and MVP and holder of 2 Guinness World Records who’s been pursuing his dreams his entire life, no matter how those dreams have evolved. After suffering an accident during a summer job, his idea of a “big stage” had to change. His world, his dreams, his desires came crashing down all in one instant. So you get up. You get out. And you get going.


76: Carla Swensen-Haslam, Legacy & Commitment

06/26/2018 | 65 Minutes | Season 2

Carla is a native Utahn with dual-citizenship, growing up playing soccer on the fields of the Wasatch Mountains and the pitches of Columbia’s U20 National Team. Now she provides color-commentating for Utah’s Professional Women’s Soccer Team. Be it broadcasting, literature, politics, or inspiring you to progress and win, Carla’s ticked.


81: Cisco Terreros, Marketing Fun

07/24/2018 | 62 Minutes | Season 2

Cisco is the Chief Marketing Officer and FIFA Player Agent for SBX Group, representing professional footballers on and off the field, be it contracts, endorsements, and career growth. He also represents the American Dream, a son of Colombian immigrant parents. He’s always thinking of the end goal, and finding ways to have fun in every aspect of his yellow personality life.


91: Brady & Megan, The National Parks

10/02/2018 | 72 Minutes | Season 2

Brady is the frontman for The National Parks band, and Megan backs him up on a mean violin. Originally forming in 2013, the band has been through a couple talent changes, but after hearing Brady and Megan’s love story, it sounds like those two are committed. We cover skiing, allergies, spirit food, man colds, air hand-dryers, and band names. They’ve toured all throughout the US, but “At The Heart,” Rexburg, ID will always be one of their most special “Places.”

94: Stoppage Time, Junk Food

10/23/2018 | 78 Minutes | Season 2

It’s a stoppage time, where the hosts kick back, relax, and pick a theme that has us ticking. This week: Junk food, which could include gas station food, unhealthy food, road trip food, and everything in-between. We talk ticks and tick offs around chips, pastries, beverages, candy, and candy bars (those two are different). We may argue a little over candy posters and Halloween traditions, and you’re all sweet tarts!


109: Brooklyn Parks, Be a Friend

03/19/2019 | 58 Minutes | Season 3

Brooklyn passed up an earlier interest in Biology to become a starving artist – except she’s got it figured out. Graphic designer by day, dreamer by night. Go buy her first book, The Littlest Angel, at a shelf near you. Brooklyn is a designer, not an artist. And she provides a little commentary around these two distinctions. For her, design is a beautification of all parts of life, be it home décor, clothing, or how you choose to live.


114: EJ Michels, Foreign Figures
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05/07/2019 | 60 Minutes | Season 3

EJ is the frontman to the band, Foreign Figures. A lyricist who spent a considerable amount of time releasing the secrets of his heart through music. But with the power of vulnerability and continually striving to feel heard, this accomplished pianist has found “the thing” that makes him feel special, important, and alive. He gives it all on the stage, and then kicks back and falls asleep reading while recovering. 


116: Tennille Boseman, Meant for This

05/28/2019 | 56 Minutes | Season 3

Tennille is the head trainer at OrangeTheory Fitness in Draper, UT where she coaches groups of people to live their best lives by motivating them through daily workouts. She’s starting to host fitness retreats, encouraging everyone to “Move with Purpose, Live with Purpose,” and she’s a member of the WISH society. At her core, you’ll find people and relationships, helping others through the hard times – whether that’s through grief or through a workout. Sometimes at the same time. At the very definition, she is a ticked person, and we can’t wait for you to hear our conversation. 

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