Are You Ticked?

THANK YOU for joining us! We're thrilled to have you on the show!

Please complete this form to help us understand your ticks and prepare for our time together. This will also help you get a sense as to what we'll be covering during the interview.

What's a "Tick" and "Tick Off?"
Ticks are those things that motivate you, inspire you, those interests you have that keep you moving. In contrast, Tick Offs are those pesky distractors you encounter that really throw you out of your groove.

After you submit this form, please bring these files to your recording:

  1. A profile picture (ideally, 3 or 4 different pictures) for us to use in our marketing. The higher resolution, the better. Ideally, the size of these photos is at least 2500 pixels wide, but we'll make anything above 1300 pixels wide work.

  2. A brief, 10-second, Voice Memo where you introduce yourself. Most guests record this from their cell phone. This sound bite will air during our episode lead-in. Please wrap-up your intro with a "Ticked Tagline" (For example, you could say..."Hear why I'm ticked in this episode."). We've included 2 samples from past guests you can listen to below:

Click "Submit" at the bottom of this form to send in your answers and remember to bring the pictures and Voice Memo File with you to your recording.

Thanks, and stay ticked!

Name *
What do you find motivating? Please consider more unique items and avoid the more common answers, such as "family and friends." We understand that these, in fact, serve as motivators.
What frustrates you? Again, please consider more unique answers and try to avoid group-think responses such as "Traffic, Bad Drivers, or Unplanned Weather." We want to dive in to the real, unique – you.


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