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Instructions, Form, Studio Information


THANK YOU for joining us! We're thrilled to have you on the show! Completing this form will help us prepare and help you get a sense as to what we'll be covering during the interview.

What's a "Tick" and "Tick Off?"

Ticks are those things that motivate you, inspire you, those interests you have that keep you moving. In contrast, Tick Offs are those pesky distractors you encounter that really throw you out of your groove.

Now, logistics.

  1. When you come to record, we'll take a headshot photo of you for our website. Generally, solid-colored shirts work best.

  2. Please submit this form a few days ahead of your scheduled interview. We'll go over these answers with you, in person, before we start recording.

  3. After you submit these questions, you'll receive a confirmation email containing a link to upload a few files:

    1. Profile Pics: We like to use these in our social media marketing and for your show notes page. The confirmation email will include more instructions. ​

    2. Voicemail Introduction: Please record and upload a simple voice memo that will air during your episode intro. It doesn't need to be long, about 10 to 15 seconds in length. Be sure to wrap up your intro with a "Ticked Tagline" (for example, you could say..."Hear why I'm ticked in this episode). More instructions provided in the confirmation email to this form.

      Here's 2 sample voicemail introductions from previous guests: 

Sample Ticked Intro - 2 Guests

We're happy to help with any questions you have, and anxious to interview with you!

Stay ticked,

Ben and Curtis

Paradigm Front.png


We're very grateful to a local Salt Lake company, Paradigm Life, and very fortunate that they've allowed us to record in their studio. Since this is a local business, unrelated to Ticked, we record after regular business hours. 

Ticked Recording Studio in the Paradigm Life Building

132 West Pierpont Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(The white building centered in the picture above).

Parking Information:

We recommend you park on the street. Street Parking is metered until 8 pm on weeknights, and free on Saturdays. Please plan ahead to account for parking. Pierpont Ave, 300 South, and 200 West usually have open spots – that's where we always park.

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