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Steve Michels, Foreign Figures Part 3


03/26/2019 | 57 Minutes

This week’s guest: Steve Michels, drummer for the band Foreign Figures. And being a drummer was something that naturally took place in his life, rhythm and melody are his hooks. He started when he was 9, was the front man (and back man) for a cover band in high school, and started Foreign Figures with his brother. He follows his heart while focusing on the things that bring life and happiness. You should follow suit. 

How would you answer, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Steve originally answered with Dentist, but music has always been a part of who he is, part of his heart. There was an early shift for him from, ‘This is what I do’ to ‘This is who I am.’ When at a crossroads, he’s followed his heart. Away from a guarantee and into a passion. It hasn’t led him wrong. 

Personal Ticks

  • Imagination and creativity – he’s a kid at heart, and the way he interacts with loved ones and close family and friends reflects a fun-loving childlike persona. 

  • Creativity has eternal value to him and spending his time creating is fulfilling. Music holds feelings and love and emotion. 

Personal Tick Offs

  • Texting and driving. Primarily because it’s not safe, and it robs people of being in the moment. Don’t handle your phone while driving. 

Professional Tick Offs

  • Someone who can’t work well in a team or even just one on one. And we talk a lot about relationship advice in this segment, its like he’s married to his band mates. 

Professional Ticks

  • Value hard work. Persistence and hard work pay off. Foreign Figures works off collaboration, and splitting the workload. Steve is a business manager, writer, and drummer. 

  • Striving to be well rounded in life. Do those things that bring you life and happiness and follow your heart. 

Connect with Steve and Foreign Figures

Steve on Instagram: @steve_michels

Foreign Figures on Instagram: @foreignfiguresofficial

Foreign Figures on Youtube: Foreign Figures Official

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